Song Hye-kyo dons a qipao in ‘The Grandmasters’

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‘The Grandmasters is set to be released in Hong Kong on January 10. After photos of Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Zhang Ziyi and Chang Chen were unveiled, the film released some images of actress Song Hye-kyo in costume as well as one with her on-screen husband Ip Man, played by Tony Leung. Song Hye-Kyo’s portrayal of Ip Man’s wife broke through her usual sweet and cute roles. She wore a traditional Chinese dress, a mixture of classic and sexy. This Chinese dress was art director William Chang Suk-ping’s design and Song Hye-kyo was rather pleased with her costume look. “Wearing a qipao made me feel uneasy at first,” the actress was quoted as saying about the traditional body-hugging Chinese dress. “But gradually I realized its beauty.” She had to stay in shape for it. She also talked about working with Tony Leung. “He was charming and spoke with his eyes,” she said. “I almost melted.” In one scene she in particular sensed the might of Tony’s eyes. The electricity on the set was stronger than in the film several hundred times!

‘The Grandmasters’ took several years to make. Song Hye-kyo was rumoured to be upset that the production dragged on and on. Reportedly, director Wong Kar-wai had increased Zhang Ziyi’s screen time and reduced Song Hye-Kyo’s; thus she will not attend the Berlin Film Festival opening. The company said that it has not received any news.

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