Tony Leung to take a break from working with Wong Kar-wai

From DBW:

At a press conference for THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI), actor Tony Leung revealed that he was taking a break from working with director Wong Kar-wai. Leung has been working on Wong Kar-wai’s THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) for over two years. For the role he has given a lot and was even injured on the production. He admitted that he would not work with Wong Kar-wai again for awhile.
THE GREAT MAGICIAN director Derek Yee Tung Sing revealed that Tony Leung once said that he would make five more movies then retire, but Leung denied that.
“I hope that my entire life is in acting, to have work at every stage.” Leung said that he would like more chances to make comedies. As soon as he said that people in attendance assumed this meant that he did not want to work with Wong Kar-wai who rarely made comedy films.
He said, “I just finished Wong Kar-wai’s movie, both of us are very tired and need a long time to recover. Maybe it will be a long, long while before we work together again. No one should be too concerned about me working with him, for now we wouldn’t.”
THE GRANDMASTERS is scheduled to be released in theaters in Summer/Autumn 2012 in China.