Wong Kar-wai’s eyes see rare daylight



“Born wearing a pair of sunglasses”, internationally renowned director Wong Kar-wai rarely has been without his sunglasses. Yesterday the Grandmaster of directing tried on glasses at an optical store. Wong Kar-wai went to pick out a pair of glasses at a Causeway Bay optical store. Actually Wong Kar-wai was as selective with his glasses as with his movies. After over an hour of choosing he finally left the store with his wife. He even showed his eyes while his wife became the “female Wong Kar-wai” and put on sunglasses.  If not for his height, he almost could not be recognized without his sunglasses.

Whether you like Wong Kar-wai’s movies or not, everyone knows that “Wong Kar-wai” and sunglasses were almost inseparable “conjoint twins”. Earlier actor Eric Tsang described Wong Kar-wai as being “born wearing sunglasses” when Wong presented the Professional Spirit Awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards. However, the director also had moments when he was without his “beloved”.