‘The Grandmaster’ leaves the Academy Awards empty-handed

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The Wong Kar-wai directed film ‘The Grandmaster’ was nominated for Best Costume and Best Cinematography at the Academy Awards but won neither. Wong Kar-wai said, “It doesn’t matter because it’s very hard. Gravity, for example, had several thousand people on the production, and they had labour unions too. Each person was connected, but I feel being nominated was already not easy.”

Two nights later, Wong Kar-wai returned to Hong Kong and prepared to attend the Hong Kong Film Directors Guild anniversary banquet. How did the Oscars atmosphere feel? He said, “Their organizations are very strict, the production is great and very united.” (Did the Hong Kong Film Awards have anything to learn?) “The Oscars is a very large scale show, with over 1 billion viewers worldwide. They have a lot of resources and enormous in scale, but the Hong Kong Film Award is already very well done.” He also revealed that earlier he met with Gong Li. Would they work together again? He said, “We definitely will have a chance.”

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